Announcing the Travel Art Blog – connecting you to local artists!

A travel art blog about local artists!

I travel a lot and love to visit local artists but have trouble connecting with them. I think it is true for most people and we end up going to tourist galleries. I try my best to connect with local artists no matter if we are traveling to India, Vietnam, Italy or New Orleans. However, most of the art in these galleries are not local or you can’t tell it by they way it is displayed.
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So I am compiling a list of artists by region who allow tourists and collectors to visit their studios by appointment or offer general hours for studio visits.

I am collecting information to begin a blog about local artists (either galleries or artists who will do studio visits). Right now I am focused on doing this as a general blog, but will tag by location. The idea is to eventually be able to search by where you are going and be able to connect with local artists. Are you an artist, an artist coop or represent local artists or a blogger? If so, PLEASE fill this out:

The form has been live for a little over a week and over 90 artists have expressed an interest with 40 of them completing the form!

Many people have said that one must pay bloggers to get a decent product and I agree. In order to get funding to pay for bloggers, I must raise funds. I have created a page that will help pay for it. In the meantime, if you are an artist who can write, let me know! If you know of bloggers we can connect with, let me know! It is important that we connect! Please have a look and let me know if you think I could improve or if you want to offer a reward!

As a way to reward people for giving money to help this blog get up and running, I will tag each post they have given money to sponsor in the post and I will add a category for them so that if you sponsor more than one, it can be aggregated. This will be especially helpful for local businesses who support the arts. #REWARDSPONSOR


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